Lauren Krueger & Matthew David Brozik


In Definally on May 25, 2011 at 10:00 am

Definally. offers another table today, this one to help you keep straight the various ways to make fun of something.

Spoof A spoof is the least sophisticated humorous imitation of something, relying on simple exaggeration of the the characteristic features of the original. One might spoof a so-called Spaghetti Western, for example, by giving the cowboys really large (20-gallon) hats, and absurdly long spaghetti.
Send-up A send-up is just marginally more urbane than a spoof, what with the hyphen and all.
Satire A satire has some actual wit—perhaps irony in addition to exaggeration. Moreover, a satire seeks to ridicule not just the original work but the stupidity and vices of people at large. Satirists are typically not well liked for some reason.
Parody A parody is in fact not a form of intentional comedic commentary, but rather a failure to create something as good as something else. It is a travesty. No one sets out to make a parody; it results when something has gone horribly wrong.
Lampoon The most high-brow of the lot, generally reserved for Harvard students and alumni. The word lampoon, coined by John Harvard himself, is a portmanteau of laugh + harpoon.
  1. so which one is this post?

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