Lauren Krueger & Matthew David Brozik

Ways to hit the ground

In Definally on July 6, 2011 at 10:00 am
Fall To travel toward the ground, generically, usually unintentionally. (Nota bene: a fall can be arrested; one need not make contact with the ground.)
Trip The sine qua non of tripping is having something tangible interfere with one’s gait. That is, one must be moving, under one’s own steam, to trip. A trip then occurs when an object becomes insinuated among one’s feet, causing one to fall. The object might be foreign or domestic (as it were, such as one of one’s own feet).
Slip A slip is akin to a trip, but the interference comes from below one’s feet. A wet floor, a banana peel, or a loose-fitting, silk, dress- or skirt-length woman’s undergarment. Whereas one trips because some object intrudes on one’s footspace, one slips because an object or a condition reduces traction to an insufficient level.
Stumble One also needs to be moving to stumble, but one can stumble without help from any outside influence. One’s legs might simply give out.
Tumble A tumble starts out as a stumble, but as one flips head over heels, the s gets lost.
Topple One can topple when simply standing still. More often than not, one is toppled by an external force, and usually a substantial one, like an invading army or a gale-force wind.
Spill A spill is a hilarious fall.

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