Lauren Krueger & Matthew David Brozik


In Definally on August 10, 2011 at 11:00 am

If nobody’s singing, it ain’t a song.

That said, the singer need not be singing words, per se, but without a person’s voice, a piece of music is a tune, or a melody, or… well, a piece of music. The sine qua non of a song is vocalization.

What, you might ask, of this scenario: A person sings a melody. That is: A person sings, with her voice, a tune intended to be played on an instrument. Is that a song? The answer: Sort of. If someone were to overhear the vocal performance, he might properly remark, “I hear a song.” But if he were then to ask the singer, “What song were you singing?” she would properly respond, “I was singing a tune, actually: Bach’s Eleventh Concerto for Squeezebox and Handclaps, in G.”

What of the opposite, then? If a person were to play Hey, Jude (a song) on a piano or xylophone, but not sing, is he playing a song? No: He is playing a tune. A very catchy tune, yes, but still just a tune.

Now you might ask, Why is Definally. so stingy with what might properly be called songs? It’s because you can often buy something for a song, and if there are too many songs out there, the economy will suffer due to deflation of the value of currency.

Next: Definalization # 100!


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