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A contest!

In Definally on September 19, 2011 at 10:00 am

We here at Definally. have taken a renewed interest in the Muppets of late, and in particular the Muppet Movie, a cinematic masterpiece (a classic, even) that dared to ask the tough questions. You know the questions we mean. The ones about about rainbows. But there’s also a challenge hidden in that film, and Definally. is surprised that no one has, in 32 years, risen to that challenge.

Gonzo the Great, in a keenly touching song, sings, “There’s not a word yet… for old friends who’ve just met.”

Well, why isn’t there a word yet, in 2011 no less? Have we really all been too busy since 1979 to think up a good word? Just one word?

Definally. therefore puts the challenge directly to its readership: Come up with a word for old friends who’ve just met. And we’ll pick the winner from the nominations, assuming there are any. (If there aren’t any, we will promptly delete this post, so as to save us all some embarrassment.)

Ready? Go!

  1. kindred spirits?

  2. Soulmates – Not in the lovey-dovey sense necessarily, but in the sense that some people just seem like they share pieces of your soul. You recognize them on some instant, internal level.

  3. Reaquaintances

  4. Or perhaps preamiables.

  5. Oddfellow Friendship
    Kindred Strangers
    Mystic Besties (for the teen crowd)
    Unfamiliar Familiars
    Balki Buddies (as a nod to Perfect Strangers. That name would also work, though I suspect you’re looking for something unique).

  6. Friend-shmend. Or just Shmend.

  7. Ok, one other idea. How about calling them pastimers, or pastimes? Or past-timers, which would make the pun a bit more obvious.

    Or you could just call them pasties (not to be confused with the bra/stickers by the same name, though different pronunciation).

  8. NFFs (Now Friends Forever)

  9. Nu? Who won?

  10. Ok, ok, the pun IS the lowest form of humor. Forgive me – I presume myself to be a wit.

    I’m only half-right….

    My official entry is “Priorians”, from the Latin ‘priori’, meaning “what was from before”.

    “Thank you – for your consideration.”

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