Lauren Krueger & Matthew David Brozik

The most romantic place in the world

In Definally on December 12, 2011 at 10:00 am

Definally. has just returned from Costa Rica and a hotel voted one of the five most romantic in the world. Of course Definally. spent no small amount of time wondering how such a thing can be quantified. By the number of outdoor shower heads? The species of towel animals left on the bed by the staff? The size of the private Jacuzzi®?

Then Definally. wondered what the most romantic place on the planet might be. And then Definally. decided to weigh in on the matter. Because that’s what Definally. does. According, of course, to its own particular idiom.

First, then, the groundwork: What does it mean to be “romantic”? In a nutshell, romantic indicates the presence of romance—naturally—and romance, as everyone knows, originally denoted (in the always reliable Middle English) the vernacular language of France, as opposed to Latin. The ME word romance came by way of the Old French word romanz, based on the Latin Romanicus (Roman).

Thus we have deftly narrowed the field to two places: France and Rome. This seems about right, no? You’re always hearing people talk about how romantic France is—and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Rome, too. (This comparison might seem at first blush to be a bit unfair, being that France is a country and Rome a city. But… well, c’est la vie.)

Definally. might have been tempted to declare a tie, were it not for this interesting tidbit: There is another definition of romance—“wild exaggeration; picturesque falsehood.” Therefore, the most romantic place in the world might be the place that is most picturesquely false, the place mostly wildly exaggerated. And that place is, of course, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?


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