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Weeks and/or months.

In Definally on July 25, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Sydney Amanda Krueger-Brozik asks: I understand that many parents, health care professionals, and baby products companies denote a newborn’s age in months (until 24 months, at which time a child’s age is given in years). I was born on June 27 of this year, four weeks ago today. So am I one month old today, or will I be a month old only on July 27?

What a precious—and precocious—question, Sydney! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to clear this up for you… and for everyone.

As nice as it would be to celebrate a one-month milestone today (with cake, cookies, ice cream, and chocolate pudding), we’re afraid you have to wait until Friday. This might seem a little unfair—for any (non-leap year) February baby would be one month old at the four-week-mark, indeed—but it all comes out even at the end of a year. If you celebrated monthly achievements every four weeks, however, at the end of a year you’d have passed 13 full “months” …but that just can’t be. There are only 12 months in a year. (You’ll learn these sorts of things—and also what sounds various farm animals make—soon enough, in public school.)

But congratulations all the same on four whole weeks of life outside the womb! Your parents must be very proud. Also very smart and very attractive.

  1. What an amazingly smart child! She must have gotten her Uncle Wade’s smarts!
    (Her Uncle Randall Wade Roosekrans, that is.)

  2. What a scheming, cynical kid. I can’t think of a better moment to teach her a thing or two about life — if it’s not already too late.

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